SEOPRO India-Code of Ethics

We, at SEOPRO India, give utmost importance to live up to a strong code of ethics that benchmarks excellence in ourselves and in every aspect of various business processes including our clients.

We comply with and put into practice the following code of ethics:

SEOPRO India and its professionals will never intentionally try to harm a client and their business. For we follow the standard Robots Exclusion Protocol and make sure that the technology we use is proven, standard and pose no threat to websites' Search Engine Rankings, indexes or directory listings. It's a mandatory for all SEOPRO India professionals to comply with Search Engines' Guidelines and bring in appropriate changes in strategies in the event of any guideline changes. Any new technology is not used until we get assurance and clarification from the concerned search engines.

No SEOPRO India professional will claim or represent the content of the clients' website/s. In certain events such as to meet browser specifications and needs, they will inform the clients and proceed only if they allow to do so. No SEOPRO India professional will intentionally harm, mislead or offend a client (existing and prospects). They will never employ some of the Black-hat SEO techniques such as 'bait and switch'.

No SEOPRO India Professional will intentionally violate any cyber and other Internet laws such as copyright violations, trademark, service mark and spamming.

SEOPRO India Professionals will not lie about their qualifications, skills, certifications, standards of performance and experience. No client will be favored or segregated. All of them will be treated with equality and due respect. They will receive equal best endeavor in their Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Link Building, Reputation Management, Content Development and Web Development services.

All clients will be assisted with internal as well as external dispute resolutions procedures such as publishing the address and contact information on primary web pages and including sections discussing dispute resolution and the inclusion of third-party dispute resolution links placed within the practitioner's website.

No SEOPRO India Professional will disclose information to a person or organization which may cause harm to our clients. Moreover, the clients' anonymity and confidentiality will be protected.

SEOPRO India will not publish the testimonials and proprietary logos of clients. Press releases and other collateral will not include the clients' name without their explicit approvals.