Pay Per Click Services

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing is by far the most effective online marketing method which drives targeted leads within minutes of its launch. Today, almost all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. provide Pay Per Click Marketing options.

At SEOPRO India, we realize that PPC Marketing is not just about creating and placing adverts on search engine result pages; it is much more than that. An ad campaign will be nothing but sheer waste of money if it fails to attract the targeted audience. On the other hand, paying exorbitant amount on every click will fail the entire campaign and shrink your ROI to zero. Each PPC campaign requires careful planning and effective execution.

SEOPRO India, to ensure optimum results, combines Search Engine Marketing methodologies to Pay Per Click Marketing and provides you with daily and weekly lead tracking and reporting facility via phone calls, emails.

Why do you need Pay Per Click?

Pay per Click Marketing enables you place your ads to customers in such a way that only highly interested make clicks and visit the landing page of your website where they could possibly make buying decisions. Moreover, PPC campaigns bring along more exposure to the website (as well as the business they represent) and allow it to quick test many variables that can later be put into practice for organic search results.

Pay Per Click Marketing vs. Search Engine Marketing

When we place a keyword into a search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing we basically get two types of results—Organic Results and Sponsored Listings. More or less, Paid Listings and Organic Search Results get equal amount of exposure and only the highly motivated customers make the clicks. PPC marketing is effective in the sense it gives your website an immediate visibility even if it is new or fails to find its place in the first page of search engine results. Moreover, it gives you search idea as well as time to build up its organic search visibility.

Our PPC Methodology

Each campaign is designed and run by our expert team that brings a combined experience of 20 years in Pay Per Click Marketing. Moreover, they work with you right from the very beginning briefing you with the updates on a daily basis.

Prior to launching a PPC campaign, there are a couple of things we keep into account:

  • We structure the campaign which is well researched, and is created with the keywords of high relevancy and placed into theme-based ad groups.
  • We make sure your existing campaigns are fetching you sufficient ROI.
  • Your Ad budget is best utilized and you get the best positioning in search engines on the least possible expenses.
  • We make sure that your ad reaches to the targeted people of the concerned geographic locations.
  • Language of the targeted audience is another aspect that we take into account
  • We make sure that the conversion tracking is properly set.
  • Your ad appears only in the targeted networks
  • At least two ads per ad groups are running
  • Each advertised keyword has a higher quality score
  • The advertised keywords get ample exposure and have high volume impression share
  • The ad serving and scheduling options are properly set
  • We make sure that the keywords giving minimal or negative ROI are taken off the campaign
  • Most importantly, we make sure that the landing page is relevant to the keywords and the bounce rate is between zero and ten percent.
  • If required, we test new ads or restructure the existing PPC campaigns