SEOPRO India-Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are imperative and must be accepted by all users making use of this website, SEOPRO India. Please go through them carefully and make sure you have thoroughly understood them before looking at the services offered through this website.

The Company is SEOPRO India, a privately held Search Marketing firm functioning as

Customer is defined as the individual, company or any organization placing an order for services offered by SEOPRO India.

You or Your refers to the customer

We or Us or Our refers to SEOPRO India

The Service refers to any service offered by SEOPRO India

The User is any person or organization who uses services offered by SEOPRO India

Third Party is any person, company or organization that is neither SEOPRO India nor the customer.

The website of SEOPRO India is brought to you on the basis of your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

General Terms

The visitors to this website are not permitted to use this website, in any way, for illegal purposes or the terms which are prohibited. In addition, any behavior which may damage, over burden or disable this website is strictly prohibited. Users are prohibited from making unauthorized access to the website of SEOPRO India. Unauthorized access implies to hacking the accounts of SEO Pro India and the associated users, making illegal access to computer network or system and trying to access host or server accounts. Further, we do not take responsibility of any sort of damage which may occur to the users' computer system while downloading files, content, information or any other material from our website.

SEOPRO India, at any given point of time, may alter or even discontinue some materials on the website which include some features as well as content. Users are notified that the right to bring changes of any sort to the content of the website as well as the terms and conditions rests exclusively with SEOPRO India.

Content Policies

The content presented on the website is the exclusive property of SEOPRO India. Therefore, the users are not entitled to copy or reproduce any part of this website without the express written permission of SEOPRO India. Any unauthorized usage of the content and other materials that appear in this website will lead to copyright and legal violations.

Privacy Policies

Your privacy is of utmost importance and we, under any circumstance, do not share information that you submit to us to with any third party organization. For more information, please visit our privacy policy section.

Legal Matters

This agreement is governed in reference to the laws of the government of India. By reading it, you have consented to the private jurisprudence of the law court in the event of any dispute arising from or with regard to using this website.